Different Kinds Of Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flowers are the flowering buds of the cannabis plant. They come in many different varieties, colors, and flavors. Some strains produce a relaxing effect while others stimulate creativity or promote focus. If you’re new to cannabis smoking, it can be confusing to understand all of this information on what to buy. So here is a quick breakdown for you!

Effects and Storage

Being a new user can be difficult because you don’t know what your tolerance is and the effects of cannabis flower vary between consumers. It’s recommended that beginners start with small doses, but they usually take 30 minutes to one hour before it sets in fully. The full results are short-lived as well, only sticking around for about an hour or so.

Cannabis flowers should be stored in airtight containers to prevent decay. A hermetic seal is the best way to preserve this form of marijuana for future use.

Different Kinds of Cannabis Flower

There are three primary varieties of cannabis flowers: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Each has its unique properties that best satisfy different needs for the consumer. 


Indica cannabis, which can grow up to six feet in height and thrive well outdoors or indoors with the right techniques of cultivation, is characterized by low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. It has a short flowering period that makes it ideal for growing regions with shorter winters.

Indica can help you relax, sleep better at night and alleviate nausea. This strain is the perfect choice for stress relief or when trying to reduce pain in your body. You should also consider Indica if you want a good night’s rest that helps ease muscle tension throughout your entire body as well!


Sativa cannabis typically contains higher amounts of THC than Indica and other strains. It has thinner leaves, grows close to the equator, and is more susceptible to high temperatures. The yield is lower than those of Indica plants which are known for their tight nugs with fat resin-covered buds.

Sativa is the perfect choice for individuals who frequently experience social anxiety or those with mood disorders. Due to its ability to stimulate higher brain activity, which includes creativity, it will also increase your talkativeness in comparison with other strains that only induce lethargy and sleepiness.


If you wish to feel a combination of relaxation and energy, hybrid cannabis strains are the perfect solution. As their name implies hybrids often possess qualities from both Indicas and Sativas which means that they can help relax users while also providing them with abundant yields as well as high resistance to pests. 

Hybrids do not have unique leaf shape or height due to having different genes than typical indicas however this allows for blooming within 6-10 weeks making these flowers versatile in terms of use time frames during your cultivation experience.

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