Cleaning Your Cannabis Paraphernalia

Marijuana paraphernalia, such as pipes and bongs, can become dirty very quickly. Cleaning your marijuana paraphernalia is not only important for health reasons but also to make it last longer and maintain its quality. Not everyone knows how to clean their cannabis stuff properly so we’ve written this guide with you in mind! Keep reading if you want to learn more about cleaning your pot-smoking gear. We’ll tell you the best ways to clean them and what products are most effective! 

Isopropyl Alcohol

Cleaning cannabis at home can be a bit of a challenge, so it’s best to have an ingredient that makes the process easier. A 91% blend will work well for you! There are several stores around the town where this product might already exist- just look in your local pharmacy section or near groceries if grocery stores carry cleaning products like these too.

The residue you find on your glassware is usually oil-based, outside of plant particulates which may remain after consumption. The reason why we recommend higher concentrations for alcohol with this practice is that it works better at dissolving oils! Isopropyl alcohol also has reduced chances to damage any electronics as long as temperatures are low enough so rimless cups work best because they have wider mouths where evaporation can occur quickly but even then just make sure not too close when vaping or else scrubbing might be required next time around.


Sea salt is the best way to go if you want your marijuana cleaned up. If not, Epsom or table salt will work in a pinch! Sea salts are typically most helpful when removing build-up on glass bongs and similar items inside our home; however, they can also be used externally with care (and supervision). The principle behind using these types of cleaners? Once oil enters into the solution due to an added Isopropyl Alcohol molecule breaking apart at its weakest point (the hydroxide ion), then there’s more surface area exposed for Dissolving agent molecules like sodium chloride – which acts like sandpaper by abrading away any unwanted matter stuck within nooks & crannies.


The final ingredient to quickly and efficiently clean your resin-covered items will help both the isopropyl and salt in doing their job properly. Even at room temperature, the oil build-up in your consumption method can be balanced between a solid or liquid depending on how much plant matter remains as well as if it was heated before being ingested. The addition of heat loosens any blockages so you save time when scrubbing!

When it comes to heating your water, the safest way is using any tap faucet. You can set them on high heat and let them come up that extra notch in temperature before carefully placing glass items into a hot liquid for a few minutes at most–as long as you’re cautious! There’s no chance of damaging anything with this technique.

When cleaning your glass pieces, for best results you’ll want to clean them in a particular order. We recommend starting with the alcohol and then adding salt until all residue has been removed before finishing off with agitation or moving around any additional ingredients like water or soap solution depending on how much buildup there is on/in their respective piece(s).

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