What to Expect When You Consume Marijuana

The first time you consume marijuana can be a confusing experience. You may have questions, such as what to expect from the high, how long it will last, and whether or not you should smoke more! This blog post is here to answer those questions for you.

Flowers, Buds, Pre-Rolls

Smoking dried buds of the cannabis plant have been happening for centuries and it varies depending on what strain you’re smoking. Some people report not feeling anything when they first smoke, but this is normal because every person experiences a different high from their own experience with weed in general or one specific type that suits them better than others who prefer something else entirely!


Most people smoke marijuana to alleviate stress and pain. However, it is important not only for these purposes but also because of the euphoric effects that come with smoking weed- which can lead one into an altered state where they might forget about their needs or want anything besides more cannabis! To avoid this scenario try eating healthy snacks so you don’t get couch-locked by cravings later on in life.


Cartridges and pens are less intense than the smoking actual flower. Cartridge effects will vary depending on the strain, but for most people, it’s best to go slow with them- don’t puff like there’s no tomorrow! Take small hits so that your body can experience all those delicious terpenes inside each hit.


Consuming concentrates is an entirely different ballgame than smoking a joint or hitting the vape pen. Since you are not inhaling organic matter when consuming these products, your high will be purer and cleaner without any impurities clouding it up like with flowers. Taking one hit off of dabs allows for better enjoyment because there’s no chance whatsoever that some unwanted chemical has found its way into our lungs during combustion- which can happen sometimes if we’re not careful!


Edibles come in a variety of different formulations, and it is important to know which one you are taking. For example, 1:1 means there should be equal parts CBD to THC; the 2:1 ratio will have more than twice as many psychoactive ingredients per dose (the average person needs around 20mg). Look out for these ratios numbers on an edible product’s packaging so that they can inform your preferences when choosing.


Topical cannabis is an effective way to treat localized pain. Topicals are applied directly onto your skin, where you feel the discomfort most intensely; they offer fast relief thanks in part due to their ability for faster absorption through dermal layers into our bloodstreams while still being non-intoxicating and without getting us high like other methods of consumption do.


When it comes to marijuana, there’s a lot of variety. So don’t just experiment and consume what someone else tells you because their opinion doesn’t count! Find out which types of strains work best for your needs by researching different platforms like Leafly that provide reviews from users in each category – then get ready to be 420 friendly with all this new knowledge under your belt.




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