What Is Marijuana Caviar and Why You Need to Try It

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy cannabis, you need to try marijuana caviar and moon rocks! These two products are made with high-quality cannabis and are perfect for any occasion. Marijuana caviar is made with kief, which is the resin glands of the cannabis plant that contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Moon rocks are made with ground-up cannabis, honey oil, and kief. They are both highly potent and will give you a great high!

What is Marijuana Caviar? 

Marijuana caviar is a form of cannabis concentrate that has been around since the early 2000s. It’s made by soaking buds in a solution of hash oil or honey oil, which extracts all the cannabinoids from the bud. The buds are then dried out until they resemble little bits of “caviar” or “popcorn”. These little nuggets are packed full of THC and other cannabinoids, making them extremely potent. The effects can be felt almost immediately after consuming marijuana caviar and can last for hours on end. 

What Are Moon Rocks? 

Moon rocks are different from marijuana caviar in that they use a ground-up flower as their base rather than pre-soaked buds. The ground flower is then soaked in hash oil or wax before being rolled in kief—the crystallized trichomes found on the surface of marijuana flowers—which gives it a sparkly, snow-like exterior. This makes moon rocks even more potent than regular marijuana caviar because not only do they have higher concentrations of THC but also CBD, which all contribute to its powerful effects. They also burn slower than other forms of cannabis due to their size and density so they can provide longer-lasting highs as well as more intense flavor profiles when smoked or vaporized. 

How To Enjoy Them 

Both marijuana caviar and moon rocks can be smoked or vaporized just like regular flowers but due to their potency, it’s best to start with small amounts at first until you get used to them. You can also use them in edibles such as brownies or cookies if you don’t want to smoke or vape them directly. Both products can be very expensive but worth it if you’re looking for something unique and powerful! 

If you’re looking for something new and exciting when it comes to enjoying cannabis then look no further than marijuana caviar and moon rocks! These two products provide an incredibly powerful high thanks to their high concentrations of THC as well as other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD. They can be smoked or vaporized just like regular flowers but due to their potency, it’s best to start with small amounts at first until your body gets used to it. So why not try these two amazing products today? You won’t regret it!

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