What Is A Cannabis Distillate?

Not all cannabis concentrates are made equally. Cannabis distillate is known for its potency, clarity, and purity – but what exactly is it?

Cannabis distillate is a highly potent concentrate formulated by chemists. It can be consumed through vaping it in a vape pen or cartridge, dabbing with it on an oil rig, and eating edibles made from the extract as well as other topicals infused with the product.

How Is A Distillate Made?

Cannabis distillate is made by extracting plant matter from the cannabis flower and then purifying the desired cannabinoids. It can include using physical separation, such as extreme vacuum pressure and heat, or chemical extraction such as using Butane Hash Oil (BHO). This extraction process is done by trained professionals with specific equipment to separate THC from other compounds of marijuana for use in edibles or topicals.

The process of extracting cannabis oils often leaves behind impurities that must be removed. These are then separated by a method called winterization, which involves mixing the extract with ethanol and placing it in cold temperatures for one to two days so any remaining impurities, specifically ethanol, separate from the mixture before being filtered out.

The finished product is the beautiful, honey-thick, versatile distillate concentrate. Although it decreases slightly in potency, terpenes can be added back to the THC at the end of processing for flavor and aroma restoration.

What Does A Distillate Look Like?

The cannabis distillate’s color can vary depending on the growing conditions, extraction and refinement method, etc. However, all of them have a viscous consistency that is similar to honey or molasses in texture, which makes it easy for individuals to use orally just like they would any other type of oil.

Why Use THC Distillate?

After the distillation process, only one active component remains in this product: THC. This psychoactive cannabinoid has both advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, if you’re a flower smoker who’s in the market for something with stronger effects and longer duration than your usual routine provides, THC distillate might be right up your alley. It is also one of the cleanest cannabis forms out there which makes vaping or eating it, as opposed to smoking weed an easier ordeal on your lungs when done properly.

On the downside, given that THC-only distillate only has a single active cannabinoid component, you are not getting a full spectrum cannabinoid experience. If you’re sensitive to cannabis highs or CBD counteracts them for you when consumed alongside this distilled oil extraction process is important to note.

Why Do Cannabis Manufacturers Use Distillate?

Cannabis companies often use THC distillate in their products because it is tasteless and helps the other compounds and ingredients Manyshine through. It gives them more control over the final product by producing consistent effects, flavors, and portions that consumers can rely on when they purchase an edible again.

To create distillate, manufacturers can isolate cannabinoids like THC to create distinct cannabinoid profiles. Distillates allow for the ability to produce precise ratios of THC to CBD in cannabis tinctures and enable one to be able to extract specific terpenes which create a unique effect, aroma, and taste from these products.

Distillate Doses And Forms

While we think every cannabis-consuming adult should try distillate at least once, beginners need to be cautious of their dosage due to the potency of this extract. Cannabis distillate is sold by the gram or in fractions of a gram, such as 300mg.

For example, a gram contains between 85% – 95% THC! If you’re new and aren’t sure about your tolerance take it slow with small doses.

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