What Are Cannabis Edibles?

At first glance, the world of cannabis edibles can seem pretty daunting. With so many options available and lots of conflicting information out there—it’s difficult to know where to start or how much is safe for you. We’re here to help highlight some important facts about your favorite foods laced with weed, dispel myths surrounding them, and give you all the tools necessary to make an informed decision whether they are right for you!

What Exactly Is A Cannabis Edible?

Edibles are a creative way to consume cannabis. These are foods or drinks with CBD extract added in, resulting in an intensely flavored edible that can be eaten as a normal snack or meal.

Is Eating Cannabis Different Than Smoking It?

When you eat cannabis, it’s a whole new experience. Here are some of the key differences between smoking and vaping:

It’s smoke-free.

The lack of smoke or vapor makes it a popular choice for simple, discreet cannabis use. No additional tools are needed to make the experience more easy and accessible.

It’s dosed differently.

The amount you inhale and ingest is key to your smoking or vaping experience. Pre-packaged edibles are measured by milligrams, down to the precise measurement of exactly how much you take in.

It comes in familiar flavors and forms.

There is a variety of delicious flavors and familiar forms for people who don’t like the taste of smoking or vaping cannabis. This includes gummies, cookies, etc.

It can take longer to kick in.

Patience is a virtue especially when you’re eating cannabis. It takes about an hour before the effects kick in because it’s absorbed through your liver instead of going straight into your bloodstream like smoking does, so it’s important to be patient!

It can have a stronger, longer effect.

Edibles are a bit more intense than smoking or vaping cannabis because your body metabolizes them in a way that affects the central nervous system. They may also last longer and have stronger effects due to this process.

Okay, I’m In. So Where Do I Begin?

To find a dose that works well for you, each person’s diet and metabolism plays into the equation.

Luckily pre-packaged edibles make it easy to control your dosage based on tolerance and comfort level. Look for lower THC content (1–2.5mg) so you can more accurately control the amount you take.

Enjoying Your Cannabis Edible Experience

Recreational cannabis users often use edibles to fully enjoy their experience. To ensure that you have the best time, here are a few simple tips and suggestions:

Clear your schedule.

The effects of eating weed through edibles can last up to six hours. It’s more enjoyable if you don’t have responsibilities that might stress you out throughout the day!

Surround yourself with good.

When you eat edibles, make sure to do so in a good mindset with close friends or significant others. Make yourself comfortable and know that everything is going to be okay.

Start low (2.5mg dose) and go slow.

Before going any further, always check in with yourself to make sure you’re staying grounded and present. Start at a low dosage so that you can feel the full effects later down the line before taking more.

Oops, I Ate Too Much. Now What?

We all have those moments where we’ve consumed or eaten too much cannabis. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable:

  • Find a chill place to lay down
  • Open a window or turn on a fan
  • Sniff or chew on a black peppercorn
  • Hydrate or try a caffeinated, sugary beverage
  • Take a shower
  • Take a little CBD (cannabidiol)

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