Tips For Storing Cannabis

A cannabis user’s most valuable possession is their stash. Whether it be for personal use or to sell, they need to know how to store it properly so that nothing can happen to it. This blog post will give you tips on storing your weed in the safest way possible. 


It is important to store your cannabis in a cool environment and avoid the formation of mold or mildew. Mold can thrive at temperatures between 77°and 86°F, but hot environments dry out plants and result in an unpleasant smoke that has harsh effects on humans as well unless they’re high potency flowers such as Cannatonic (which would take more than one joint). Contrarily colder temps slow down decarboxylation which preserves terpenes along with cannabinoids so their preservation will go much farther when storing weed for longer periods like months before use-a a lot depends upon what type you’ve got!


The best way to end up with moldy buds is if they come into contact with moisture. But good cannabis can’t get too dry without causing degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes, which makes maintaining proper humidity levels a must for protecting your plants from pesky molds! That’s why we recommend storing weed in an environment where there are between 59% and 63% RH (relative humidity). The fluctuations of temperature plus this kind of high pressure will make any type of fungus grow more quickly than usual–and that doesn’t sound pleasant at all – especially when you’re talking about something as vital as our beloved herb!


Have you ever wondered why your grass turns brown in the summertime? Sunlight is the worst. It not only fades your favorite shirt but can give you a sunburn and damage cannabis, too! Make sure to store containers of bud in a dark place and never leave them out where they could get direct sunlight for long periods.

Harsh UV light can break down plant materials just like how it happens with cannabis. Studies from decades ago showed that this is one of the biggest factors for degradation and deterioration when cannabinoids are exposed over time, which we recommend storing away from direct sunlight or high-intensity lamps such as basking bulbs (which emit powerful rays).


Oxygen is an essential component of plant life, and too little can be devastating for your marijuana. A lack in the air will slow down both its growth rate as well as potency because it limits how much energy potential new cells have access to when growing into mature plants with larger leaves that carry more moisture than younger ones do. However, our team at Tree of Life Dispensary Las Vegas knows all about preserving what matters most: cannabinoids! One way we suggest taking care not only during storing but also while using up any product you’ve grown yourself or received from us would involve placing herbs inside containers made specifically for this task!

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