Stoner Etiquette

As a cannabis user, you know that there are certain rules to be aware of when it comes to smoking pot. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to smoke weed without offending your friends or family members, this blog post will help you out!  

Whoever Brings the Weed, Decides What’s Done with the Weed

This rule seems pretty self-explanatory, but it’s always good to remember that when it’s not your product you’re the passenger in their experience. Don’t be shy about expressing an opinion- as long as they come from a place of understanding and empathy for both parties involved in this transaction.

Whoever Rolls it, is the One to Light it

Don’t be shy with your weed! As a rule of thumb, the person who rolled the joint will light it for you. This usually helps make sure that their creation burns more evenly, as they know what is best when lighting up their smokeable.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Taking more than one hit when it’s your turn in the rotation is an interesting term. It applies well to joints and blunts, but not so much with pipes or bongs since you need everyone on board before taking another pull.

Tailing off is a term that only applies when taking hits from joints or blunts. In the case of pipes and bongs, it’s important to know your limits before hitting back for another hit because it can get pretty hot if not done properly!

Corner the Bowl

Stoners know that the green hit tastes best, so one of their most basic and important rules is to always corner a bowl. How do you go about doing this? Simply by lighting just one side instead of torching an entire cup! This way everyone has more fun in all circles – it’s another method for ensuring good times are had by those present at any gathering where marijuana may be smoked.

Never Pass a Cashed Bowl

Passing someone else a cashed bowl is like passing them the keys to your car- if it isn’t yours, don’t take advantage! If you notice that another person has completely smoked out their weed then be sure to give back what’s left in hope of getting some fresh material. Similarly, make certain that all bills are accounted for before smoking since once again this will anger not only those around but yourself as well by wasting good bud/hash oil (depending on preference).

Ask Permission Before You Indulge in Someone’s House

You should never light up in someone’s house without asking them first. It is rude and could cause a lot of problems for both parties involved, as well as put other people at risk who may be downstairs or near where you smoke bud. You don’t know what the rules are so it’s best just to wait until after they’ve invited us over-or else there might not even have been an issue!

Clear it Before you Pass

Clearing the chambers is an important part of Stoner etiquette. It’s considered extremely poor stoner manners if you don’t clear out all remaining smoke, and would rather suck up someone else’s seconds instead! That stale cigarette taste will make anyone want to eject your leftovers from their mouth with extreme prejudice.

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