How To Dry and Cure Cannabis

A great dry and cure will ensure a better tasting, more potent yield. It’s crucial to drying and curing marijuana because it preserves the cannabinoid content as well as reduces its chlorophyll content which enriches taste while preserving potency.

Drying and curing your marijuana is important but tricky. Badly executed dry or cures can lead to lackluster taste, bad taste, diminished potency, or even molding. If you’re wondering how to properly dry/cure your weed plants we are here to help! Read on to learn everything about the process of drying & curing cannabis.

About the Drying and Curing Process

People often talk about the processes of drying and curing as one step of post-harvest, but note that these are two separate steps. They occur back to back with different goals in mind for each process which has its own unique set of procedures.

Drying and curing are two processes that remove moisture from harvested cannabis plants in an optimal way. Drying is done first to remove moisture from the outer layers of the cannabis flowers, then curing happens second to get rid of excess water inside while making sure it doesn’t become excessively dry. When these steps are taken well, drying and curing not only eliminates unwanted moisture but also optimizes the taste, smell, and performance of the marijuana flowers.

While removing moisture is the main goal of drying and curing cannabis, top-notch growers know that proper techniques can make or break quality.

For example, certain methods preserve terpenes which enhance flavor and aroma while reducing chlorophyll for a more desirable taste. Expertly dried/cured flowers ensure cannabinoids are preserved so THC (or CBD) content isn’t lost in the process.

Drying Marijuana 

The two main types of cannabis cultivation strategies when trimming cannabis flowers are dry trimming and wet. Dry is when you cut off the buds after they have been dried, while wet is to do it before you let them dry.

Depending on your desired outcome, you’ll need to complete the drying process slightly differently. However, both methods will require a similar strategy in general for completion.

Curing Marijuana

After your marijuana buds are dried on the outside, it’s time to move forward with the curing process.

The equipment needed to cure your cannabis includes airtight jars and a hygrometer for each jar. Most people use glass jars (such as mason jars) but metal, ceramic, or wood are also acceptable options. Plastic containers aren’t good for curing cannabis because they allow oxygen in, so be sure to choose the right material.

When it comes to curing marijuana, there are different methods you can use depending on how much time and effort you want to put into the process.

You could cure your cannabis for 2-4 weeks or 4-8 weeks to create a quality final product. However, personal preference will weigh heavily here; some people prefer their cannabis cured longer than others do! It’s really up to you when finding out what works best with your strain preferences.




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